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Holistic Occupational and Lymphatic Therapy

Balance your immunity and reduce chronic inflammation with lymphatic drainage therapy


Cancer treatment recovery
Chronic pain
Post-surgical recovery days
Poor digestion and/or constipation
Pregnancy-related edema
Lack of energy
Unhealthy, dull skin
Irregular mood
Restless sleep

Healing Through Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is So Potent

Vital Lymph Therapy Options

Bodywork Sessions

Manual lymphatic drainage, scar mobilization, cold laser, antifibrotic techniques, cupping, myofascial release tailored to your specific recovery needs.

Coaching & Consultations

Vital Lymph personalized coaching aimed at educating and empowering you to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Services include tailored solutions to get and keep your lymphatic river flowing as well as customized support along the healing journey, so you can consciously and intentionally live the life you love.

Holistic Lymphatic Therapy Program

Commit to your health and resource your life! Get weekly support to live in flow, reduce inflammation and change the way you live and love with this customized 6-month program.

Is it
good to get
lymphatic drainage massage? 

Yes! Lymphatic drainage massage promotes the body’s natural ability to detoxify, heal, and maintain balance. By encouraging lymph flow, drainage aids in physical and emotional detoxification, fostering a sense of well-being and harmony. A balanced lymphatic system contributes to overall health and vitality.

Lymph drainage sessions offer gentle, nurturing, skilled touch in a safe and comfortable setting, targeted to release blocked flow and congestion. Bodywork sessions are typically 70 minutes in length, catered to your specific path of flow, and may include cold laser, cupping, scar release, and deeper anti-fibrotic techniques.

What happens
in a lymphatic
drainage bodywork session? 

How is lymphatic
drainage therapy
different from a massage? 

Lymphatic drainage therapy combines drainage massage techniques, movement therapy, breath work, and self-nourishment practices to aid in detoxifying the body, mind and spirit. Reduce swelling, inflammation, and anxiety while cleansing and revitalizing nearly every organ and system in the body.

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