Vanessa Hemingway

Vital Lymph: Lymphedema Solutions

Empowering Women after breast cancer

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Vital Lymph Bodywork

Manual lymphatic drainage, scar mobilization, cold laser, antifibrotic techniques, cupping, myofascial release tailored to your specific recovery needs.

Vital Lymph Coaching & Consultations

Vital Lymph personalized coaching aimed at educating and empowering you to achieve optimal mental and physical well-being. Services include strategic modifications to your lymphedema home program and ongoing support, enabling you to live the life you love

Vital Lymph 6-Month Program

Restore balance to your lymphatic system and your life after breast cancer with Vital Lymph’s supportive and customized 6-month program.


Hi, I’m Vanessa

I look forward to assisting you on your journey to healing and supporting your recovery. It really IS possible to have lymphedema AND the life you love. Let’s begin together.

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Vanessa Hemingway