Vanessa Hemingway, MS, OTR, LANA Certified Lymphatic Therapist

Vanessa Hemingway Lymphedema Therapist
Lymphedema Therapist

Vanessa’s lymphatic therapy

Vanessa Hemingway, the face (and hands) behind Vital Lymph, is all about helping you feel and look like your vibrant, beautiful self. Whether you’ve recently undergone cosmetic surgery, are currently or recently pregnant, or are involved in cancer recovery, you might be feeling tired, swollen, and a bit like a stranger in your own skin. Vanessa’s work, and love, is to bring back that feeling of familiarity and lightness.

Picture this: You walk into her healing office feeling a bit worn out, and perhaps, unrecognizable. But after a session on her treatment table, you leave not just feeling happier, but healthier and noticeably lighter.

That is the magic of what Vanessa Hemingway does. She’s here to make your experience at Vital Lymph nothing short of rejuvenating and uplifting.


Vanessa’s wellness philosophy

Investing in your health is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Swelling, fatigue – these are like friendly taps on the shoulder from your body, asking for more support and attention. Vanessa’s wellness philosophy, what she calls Living in Flow, is rooted in nurturing your lymphatic vitality because our bodies often communicate through these subtle signals. Lymphatic drainage therapy is one profound way of helping your body’s own healing system, the immune river, flow freely once again.

Vanessa’s work produces profound, effective, pleasurable, and customized results that reduce pain and inflammation at the deepest levels. Integral to her therapy is teaching her clients the practical tools necessary to maintain these deep systemic gains.

Lymphedema Therapist
Vanessa Hemingway Lymphedema Therapist

Vanessa’s Living in Flow

Vanessa worked as a lymphatic therapist for almost 20 years in a hospital outpatient setting before starting her private practice. She is also a writer, speaker, mother, dancer, and world traveler. She has hosted a variety of virtual and in-person workshops focused on lymphatic wellness and Living in Flow. On stage, Vanessa is an impactful speaker who invites listeners to lovingly explore the invisible healing river within them. In addition to her Lymphatic Therapy Certification, Vanessa holds a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy and has trained in the Feldenkrais Method, Massage Therapy, Continuum movement, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Service Through Touch, Ayurvedic Counseling, Vipassana, and Zen meditation.

Welcome to Vital Lymph!

I look forward to taking this journey with you. My absolute favorite part of our work together is the ongoing discovery process of how best to support your recovery. Your lymphatic system is unique to you, the nearly invisible rivers and tributaries of your liquid immune system distinctly affected by your lifestyle, your genetics, your traumas, illnesses and joys. The lymphatic system, just like so much of our human lives, has a tremendous capacity for repair. It really IS possible to unblock your vital flow, no matter what your experience, and feel and look like your vibrant, beautiful self.

Let’s do this together,


Vanessa Hemingway Lymphedema Therapist

Also available for conferences and retreats.

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