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Have Questions? Start With a Solutions Call

During this introductory 30-minute session we will assess your biggest healing challenge together and lay out a plan for you to shift and solve that issue. You will walk away from this call with at least one strategy you can implement immediately to feel better. If it’s a fit to do more work together, I will let you know what that would look like. And if there’s someone else I can recommend that would be a better fit, I will get you that referral.

Body Work

Vital Lymph manual lymphatic drainage, scar mobilization, cold laser, antifibrotic techniques, cupping, myofascial release, and somatic explorations tailored to your specific recovery needs. Click on the link below to schedule individual bodywork sessions or a Wellness Package.

Body Mind Spirit

40 minutes. Vital Lymph personalized coaching aimed at educating and empowering you to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Services include tailored solutions to get and keep your lymphatic river flowing as well as customized support along the healing journey, so you can consciously and intentionally live the life you love.

Vital Lymph 6-Month Program

In this 6-month Individualized program you will gain everything you need to reduce your swelling and pain, restore your energy, and reclaim vital well-being in your body and your life. You’ll experience body-based techniques like lymphatic drainage massage, scar release, anti-fibrotic massage and somatic explorations to facilitate flow and healing along your unique lymphatic pathways. We’ll cover simple and nourishing step-by-step practices to promote lymphatic health in your daily life, as well as customized precautions and best-practices for your health and recovery. Read more about the program.

Secure your spot in the individualized 6-month program: includes 2.5-hour VIP session (1 hour assessment and goal setting, 1.5 hour manual bodywork techniques to heal and stimulate the lymphatic system, understand your unique lymphatic flow, and jump-start your immune health. Read more about the program.