I cannot recommend Vanessa highly enough. Her expert knowledge and customized approach truly made a difference. If you’re struggling with lymphatic issues, I highly suggest visiting her.

–Jessica B.

So often in our healthcare experience, we hope to find that medical professional who is truly in our corner. Vanessa has 100% been that coach for me, pivoting with each challenge as it comes, whipping up some major McGuyver-like moves to help my tools work for me, come hell or high water.

Jessica G.

Vanessa’s lymphatic therapy has been amazing. It’s been life changing, both physically and emotionally for my recovery.

Silvia G.

Vanesa has been a very positive force in my healing path. I love the way she listens and offers support. I have a skin lymphoma called Mycosis Fungoides. My oncologist believes that if I were to strengthen my immune system, I would cure this. There are allopathic treatments; however, the risks are sufficient that I would rather not try them. So my path is to remain disciplined in setting healthy boundaries to care for myself, remain open to new information to detoxify and nourish my body and soul, and stay positive.  I feel so thankful and blessed that Vanessa supports me in these endeavors. Her wisdom, positivity and care is something I cherish. 

Eric A.

After developing post-surgical swelling and inflammation, I was fearful that my life activities would be limited and that my condition was out of my control and would just continue to get worse. Vanessa changed all that and has put me on a very positive and motivated track. Being her client has truly been life changing for me.

Judith C.

From my very unexpected diagnosis of lymphedema from cancer radiation therapy in 2021 to the present, Vanessa has guided me on a journey towards making this condition manageable and helped me develop an ever-evolving toolbox of strategies. Her expertise in the vast array of lymphatic drainage techniques is astounding. Vanessa has truly been a blessing in my life!

–Martha M.

Vanessa has not only given me excellent treatments, but has helped me to access tools that I can use to keep my swelling manageable. Her caring and supportive nature have truly helped me to deal with this condition. I am grateful to be under her care as I continue this journey of healing.

–Jennifer M.

Vanessa has decades of lymphatic system expertise, a fact that reveals itself in every session. She is like a conductor creating a unique symphony for each appointment, based on my unique conditions that day. She also concerns herself with her clients’ minds and hearts. Vanessa helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin again. She helped my spouse do a 180-degree turn, from his literally hands-off approach to my condition and care, to learning to take part in my regular home lymphatic drainage.

–Jessica G.

Of the many health professionals I see every year, I find my sessions with Vanessa the most rewarding.