Vital Lymph: Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

Accelerate your cosmetic surgery recovery with less pain and swelling.

Reveal your beautiful self now.

Why lymphatic drainage therapy?

Faster healing: Experience how lymphatic drainage therapy accelerates your body’s natural healing processes so you feel better with less swelling and pain after even one treatment.

Minimize Scarring and Bruising: Discover targeted treatment techniques that effectively reduce postoperative scarring and bruising, restoring beauty, finding home in your own skin.

Optimized Results: Achieve optimal cosmetic results from one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for yourself.  

Elevate Your Recovery by Embracing Support. 

Your investment in cosmetic surgery deserves the best possible care. Elevate your cosmetic surgery recovery experience with Vital Lymph’s specialized lymphatic drainage therapy. Why wait to feel your  beautiful self?

Understand and Support the Phases of Your Healing.

Problems can happen if proper healing isn’t supported along each phase of cosmetic surgery recovery.
Inflammation is the initial healing response, and it can get out of control. The swelling can spread to areas that weren’t involved, last longer than it needs to, create unnecessary pain, and make it take longer to look and feel great.

In the weeks and months following cosmetic surgery, scar tissue forms. It can change the look and feel of your results, sometimes promoting disappointment or regret.

Lymphatic drainage therapy can offer you the support you need during each phase of cosmetic surgery recovery.
Reduce the excess swelling and pain.

Soften and remodel scarring for a better aesthetic outcome, decreasing feelings of tightness and restriction, making the most of your investment.

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