Vanessa Hemingway, MS, OTR, LANA Certified Lymphedema Therapist

Vanessa Hemingway
Lymphedema Therapist

Where this all began

I came to California from the East Coast to learn to meditate at the Zen monastery Tassajara. I didn’t know that I would stay in California over thirty years, beginning a journey into embodied life that led me to become first a massage therapist, then an occupational therapist, and eventually, a lymphedema therapist.

The body is an incredible teacher. 

The lymphatic system is an especially elegant feature, one we are still learning how best to support and repair. We really don’t understand why some people get lymphedema and others don’t. There are behaviors and conditions we know are risky—heat, air travel, high body mass, altitude—and I have worked with people at risk for lymphedema for whom none of these conditions or activities created swelling.

Lymphedema Therapist
Lymphedema Therapist

Transition from pain, tightness and restriction toward increasing freedom, ease and pleasure.

Together we’ll create a robust individualized tool box from which you can draw to reduce and manage your symptoms. Perhaps the most important tool in that box is developing your awareness and your ability to sense and feel into your own body and tissues. Often, the first learning is simply to feel again after the pain of surgical intervention. To follow the transition from pain, tightness and restriction toward increasing freedom, ease and pleasure.

I look forward to taking this journey with you. My absolute favorite part of our work together is the ongoing discovery process of how best to support your recovery. Your lymphatic system is unique to you, the nearly invisible rivers and tributaries of your liquid immune system distinctly affected by your lifestyle, your genetics, your traumas, illnesses and joys. The lymphatic system, just like so much of our human lives, has a tremendous capacity for repair. Together, let’s begin.

Yours in healing,


Vanessa Hemingway Lymphedema Therapist

Also available for conferences and retreats.

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