Is It Good to Get Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Yes! Lymphatic drainage massage can reduce swelling, inflammation, and anxiety while cleansing and revitalizing nearly every organ and system in the body. It is a powerfully healing treatment. 

Lymphatic drainage massage: why it’s vital for health

At the grossest level, our lymphatic system is a drainage system. It helps maintain fluid balance in the body by redirecting excess back into the bloodstream. Plasma, containing nutrients and wastes, leaks out of the tiny blood capillaries into the surrounding tissues. While most of this plasma leaks rapidly back into those blood capillaries, some remains in what’s called the interstitium, and the lymphatic system removes and redirects it. 

Through an elegant series of vessels and nodes and ducts the residual fluid is cleansed and returned to the bloodstream, maintaining critical fluid balance in our tissues. When the lymphatic system doesn’t remove that excess, because the load is greater than its capacity–for example, in the case of swelling during and after pregnancy, post-surgery, after radiation therapy, during times of great emotional or physical stress, and in the case of some autoimmune disorders–the fluid accumulates and creates swelling and inflammation.

Another role of the lymphatic system that is particularly important to understand as we learn to thrive in a post-pandemic world, is its critical contribution to immune function. Lymphocytes and targeted immune cells are transported via our lymphatic system to remove inflammation-causing disruptors like bacteria, viruses, toxins and abnormal cells that can contribute to fatigue and illnesses like cancer.

We also know that our responses to stress and anxiety can create cortisol and a cascade of immune-suppressing responses that put an additional burden on the lymphatic system, increasing its load.

When our lymphatic system isn’t working optimally, we know it.

How the lymphatic system benefits from lymphatic drainage massage

Because the lymphatic system is propelled by our skeletal muscle and our deep belly breathing, its healthy flow relies on an active lifestyle. During times of illness, high stress, or transition, we don’t always get all the exercise we want and need. This not only affects our cardiovascular health, it reduces lymphatic vigor, promoting sluggish flow, and eventually, inflammation and compromised immunity. Lymphatic drainage massage can help jumpstart our lymphatic engine, flushing waste products and toxins from our tissues until we can get back to exercising regularly. Lymphatic drainage massage can also be the essential support we need to promote the increased energy levels needed for our return to vigorous activity.

Lymphatic drainage massage addresses the following symptoms of lymphatic system overwhelm, aiding in recovery from:

A balanced lymphatic system contributes to overall health.

Lymphatic drainage massage promotes the body’s natural ability to detoxify, heal, and maintain balance. By encouraging lymph flow, drainage aids in physical and emotional detoxification, fostering a sense of well-being and harmony. You will likely feel better immediately. Don’t wait! Give yourself this gift of lymphatic drainage massage today.

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