Soul Flow: Little-Known Holistic Wellness Solutions for Lymphatic Vitality

Holistic wellness solutions strive to bridge the gap between body, mind and spirit. Soul Flow is one little-known and powerful method among holistic wellness solutions that effectively bridges that gap. Practice Soul Flow to cultivate inner harmony through pleasure, expansion and mind-shift while amplifying lymphatic drainage and flow.

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Holistic wellness solutions address body, mind, and spirit

Just as the currents of the “secret river” known as  lymph flow unseen beneath our skin, there is within each of us another invisible source of vitality, inspiration, and profound connection. A holistic approach to wellness bridges the timeless wisdom of our bodily rivers with the depths of our inner emotional seas. Within Soul Flow there is a sacred trinity of pleasure, expansion, and mind-shift that has the power to amplify healing, awaken joy, and nurture well-being. By cultivating this flow we interweave our understanding of lymphatic circulation with metaphysical inspiration. The experience is a harmonious connection between body, mind, and spirit.

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. –Martha Graham

Holistic Wellness Solutions Within Our Lymphatic Flow

Lymph, often referred to as our “secret river,” flows through tiny vessels, its mostly transparent fluid eluding detection by early anatomists. The recognition of these vessels as vasa lymphatica and the fluid within as lympha, derived from “limpid” or clear, speaks to the subtle yet vital nature of this fluid. Interestingly, “lympha” was also the name for the ancient Roman goddess of water, while the ancient Greek river and water goddesses were known as the Lymphae. In ancient times these deities symbolized divine inspiration and represented vital essence.

Holistic Wellness Solutions Within Our Soul, Spirit, or Anima

While science may not offer a definitive explanation of the soul or spirit, the profound and inexplicable force that animates us has been recognized by some of our greatest minds. A connection to this depth, an embrace of the unexplainable, holds the power to speed healing, increase joy, and foster well-being. It’s an acknowledgement that beneath the surface of our conscious understanding lies an enigmatic vitality, a life force that defies explanation and yet holds a key to our flourishing.

Central to Soul Flow are desires pulsing within us.


Why Practice Holistic Wellness Solutions Like Soul Flow

  • Expand the boundaries of traditional silent, or even chanting, meditation
  • Retrain the neural pathways to align with a new way of attending to sensation
  • Calibrate your inner compass, navigating toward calm alertness

Practice feeling, make a place for it. Start small if you need to, feel texture on your skin. Feel another’s hands on your back, feel some disappointment or sadness or satisfaction–feel whatever you avoid, feel a smile in your belly, feel desire. Feel. You are waiting to be known and the world is waiting to be felt. –-Prentice Hill

The Basics of Soul Flow

  • Find a private and peaceful place you can lie down comfortably. 
  • Repeat this Soul Flow sequence 3-5x/week and let yourself feel the surprising way it changes how you live and love.
  • Changing the way you breathe, almost any new conscious breathing practice, can bring up strong emotions. Be gentle, kind and loving with yourself.
  • Vocalizing sounds rather than intelligible words can be a surprisingly confronting practice. Allow judgment to take a backseat to the sensations that arise–the rewards can be profound muscular relaxation, emotional release, and improved lymphatic flow.

The Soul Flow Sequence

Invoking Surrender: The Gateway of Body Meditation (3-4 minutes)

  • Take time to make yourself very comfortable, letting the weight of your body surrender to gravity.
  • Speak aloud the sensations that arise in your body, not judging or labeling or interpreting them with meaning or story. 
  • Announcing pure bodily sensations aloud as they appear is a powerful anchor in the present moment. 
  • These sensations, when met without any extra layers of thought or judement, can offer a gateway to pleasure without focusing on pleasure, surrender without intending surrender, and release without seeking it.

Embodied Breathing: The Portal to Release (3-4 minutes)

  • Completely relax the jaw. 
  • Breathe in and out through the open mouth, no pause between inhale and exhale, and exhale and inhale. 
  • This way of breathing helps release  cortical control, taking you out of the judging mind and landing you in your body. 
  • Breathe deeply into any perceived areas of inflammation, pain, or disconnection. Your chest or breast, your whole pelvic region, your lower belly, your heart. 
  • Breath work is a portal to all kinds of experiences. It can bring up memories, emotions (anger, sadness, fear, love, joy, elation), realizations, natural cathartic releases that wake up places in your body you’ve never felt before. 
  • The practice is to stay present and curious, open, investigating further, or simply letting go. 

Vocalizing Through Breath and Movement: The Vehicle for Emotional Expression (3-4 minutes)

  • Adjust your position so the knees are bent and the feet are standing hip width apart. 
  • Inhale and separate the knees; exhale and bring the knees together. Open and close the bent legs like the wings of a butterfly, no pause between exhale (knees together) and inhale (knees apart), exhale (knees together) and inhale (knees apart).
  • Let sound emerge from within you. Any sound. Without censorship or judgment. This takes tremendous courage.
  • Continue the movement of the legs but allow the breath to be led by your vocalizations. Let your sensations naturally express themselves with sound. As sound comes forward allow inhale and exhale to come as they will, as you butterfly the legs.
  • It’s totally normal for this to feel unnatural. As a society we don’t generally encourage natural sounding, wordless vocalizing to express ourselves. But many cultures and animal species do this. In fact, the major vehicle for expressing their strong emotion is through sound. 
  • Whether in celebration, or sadness, anger, fear, or joy, sound is a powerful way to let feelings move through us completely.

Grounding and Resourcing: The Bridge Joining Strength with Soothing Embrace (3-4 minutes)

  • Return to normal breathing through the nose. Still the legs. Quiet your sounding.
  • After several easy breaths, inhale and move your awareness with the breath, starting from the tailbone up the back of your spine, to the top of your head. 
  • Exhale and move your awareness down the front of your body to the pubic bone.
  • Starting at the back body and ending in front gives a more protected, safe feeling of strength. 
  • You can now also soothe yourself physically. Embrace yourself kindly. Lovingly caress your arms, and if they are easy to reach, your legs.

Every human person is inevitably involved with two worlds: the world they carry within them and the world that is out there. All thinking, all writing, all action, all creation and all destruction is about that bridge between the two worlds. –John O’Donohue

The purpose of this invitational practice is to create increased connection between your mind, body and spirit, tapping more deeply into your innate wisdom. Repeat this Soul Flow sequence 3-5 times per week and enjoy how it enhances the way you live and love. 

Concerns and Questions:

After going through this practice to stimulate Soul Flow–-if you have questions or concerns about your vital flow you’d like support with–please schedule a Vital Lymph Solutions Call with me. This call is for you if you know you want to feel better and wonder what that could look like.

The Vital Lymph Solutions Call: In this 30-minute call we will assess your biggest healing challenge together and lay out a plan for you to shift and solve that issue. You will walk away from this call with at least one strategy that you can begin to implement immediately to feel better. If it’s a fit to do more work together, I will let you know what that would look like. And if there’s someone else I can recommend that would be a better match, I will get you that referral.

Book a Vital Lymph Solutions call with me to discuss your unique needs.

It really IS possible to unblock your vital flow, no matter what your experience or diagnosis, and live the life you love.  

Disclaimer – This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, the information contained in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult your licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.

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