Rebounding for Fast and Vibrant Lymphatic Flow

Awaken your lymphatic flow and feel renewed energy with rebounding! Exercise and movement are essential to healthy lymphatic flow. And that healthy flow is critical to our well-being. Finding a form of exercise that feels loving and enjoyable, is accessible whatever the weather or time of day, and accommodates wherever we are on the healing journey can be a struggle. Sitting and bobbing, very gently or quite vigorously, on an  inflatable exercise ball with a stable base may just be a game changer.

Awaken Your Lymphatic Flow with Renewed Energy.

Rebounding propels lymph toward the heart.

Lymph vessels become larger as they get farther away from our extremities. These larger vessels, or ducts, have  better developed smooth muscle and valves to keep propelling lymph upward despite the low pressure and adventitia (a loose connective tissue web of structural support that  assists lymphangiomotoricity–propulsion of the lymph in the smaller lymph vessels). As the lymph vessels become larger, their function changes from collecting fluid from the tissues to moving fluid upward. Lymph nodes found all along the way filter lymph before it is returned to the venous circulation through one of the two lymph ducts. 

Gravity can assist lymphatic flow or challenge it depending on our positioning.

Elevating the legs or arms will often help with drainage. Bouncing provides an interesting  stimulus to our nervous system, our relationship to gravity, and our lymphatic flow. Much of the body’s lymph travels through the chest via the thoracic duct, which has one-way valves. When you bounce, the lymph travels rapidly up the duct, and the valves keep it from flowing back down (retrograde flow). Rebounding effectively directs lymph toward the heart, accelerating drainage.

Why Rebound for Lymphatic Vitality:

  • Stimulate sluggish flow: Move your lymph up to 4x faster than walking.
  • Boost circulation: Since many lymphatic channels are near to your arteries, increasing pulse rate and intensity via your bouncing will help improve lymphatic and blood flow.
  • Detoxify: Increasing lymph and cardiovascular flow simultaneously supports the rapid and efficient exchange of waste out of the blood into the lymph system and on its way to elimination.
  • Promote digestive power: Smooth muscle also propels lymph. Rebounding promotes digestive motility, improving regularity and elimination.
  • Invigorate: Bouncing can offer a surprising reset to the nervous system, leaving you feeling invigorated and energized.

Little scientific research has been done to prove the efficacy of rebounding specifically for promoting lymph flow, but a few studies and anecdotal evidence, as well as a generalized understanding of our physiology, strongly support the benefits. The experience of this form of exercise in your own body will verify whether this potentially invigorating and joyful practice is for you.**

Guidelines for Rebounding for Lymphatic Flow:

  • Begin with just a few minutes and increase your tolerance (50-100 bounces is a beautiful start. If it feels right and you enjoy it, progress toward 5, 10, even 20 minutes).
  • Use a stabilizer for the ball and/or bounce with support (hold the back of a stable chair, hands on a countertop or desk).
  • Rebound 3-5 days/wk–use your own energetic response as a guide to what’s uniquely right for you.
  • More vigorous in the morning to start the day, gentler in the evening to send you to sleep.

Begin with just a few minutes. 50-100 bounces is a beautiful start.

The Steps to Rebounding for Vital Lymphatic Flow

Lymphatic Clearing:

  • Engage the diaphragm muscle and jumpstart the lymphatic engine with 5-10 belly breaths.
  • Manage the mother drains in each lymphatic region of the body first.
  • The termini, where the lymph enters the bloodstream, are located at the base of your neck, right above your collarbones. Gently pull your hands from the base of your ears at the sides of the neck to the hollows above your collarbones in a down and inward motion ten times.
  • Clear the axillary nodes in the armpit. Begin by placing your hand where you would put deodorant or shave and slowly pump up and into the armpit, moving the lymph fluid along a deep pathway toward the neck. Repeat ten times on both sides.
  • The inguinal lymph nodes, located in the groin crease at the top of the thigh, are the last of the nodes to stimulate before dry brushing. Place the full hand at each groin crease and stroke up and in toward the belly button ten times.

Begin To Bounce:

  • Begin with simple gentle bounces, knees and hips bent about 90 degrees. You may choose to make this your complete session. Count your bounces and aim to increase by 10% each week.
  • If you are using a stabilizer and/or have no difficulty with balance, move the arms like you would in jumping jacks, coordinating with the rhythm of the bounce, 10-20x. If the arms are providing stability on a countertop or chair back, do a set with one arm and then the other.
  • Practice heel lifts: lift the right heel and lower, then lift the left heel and lower, 10-20x. When that becomes easy, lift the whole foot, first the right and lower, then the left and lower. You are essentially marching in place.

Inflatable balls come in many sizes. Be sure to look at the size chart when purchasing your ball to get the correct size for you. 

**Any new form of exercise should be started slowly and with caution. People with vestibular sensitivities may find bouncing creates dizziness or nausea and rebounding may not be a good option for them. Consult your doctor or medical team with any concerns prior to rebounding.

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Book a Vital Lymph Solutions call with me to discuss your unique needs.

It really IS possible to unblock your vital flow, no matter what your experience or diagnosis, and live the life you love.

Disclaimer – This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, the information contained in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult your licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.

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