Support Groups and Resources

  • Lymphedema Support Group, Dominican Hospital (contact Dori Galster:
  • Katz Cancer Resource Center, local 831-462-7770
  • National Lymphedema Network,, resources, and up-to-date education on lymphedema and its management 
  • Bay Area Cancer Connections, an amazing resource for people who have experienced breast or ovarian cancer
  • American Cancer Society, a nationwide resource for education, lodging, rides to treatment, and support groups

PEP community classes

  • Aquatic Decongestion class, 831-457-7099

Community Aquatic Access

  • Simpkins Family Swim Center, 831-454-7960
  • Harvey West pool 831-420-6140
  • VibrantCare Therapy, aquatic therapy 831-423-3196
  • Watsonville Family YMCA 831-728-9622


  • ArcPoint Labs (blood panel $500+, no insurance accepted) 831-425-4415
  • Dr. Laura Paris, DACM (doctor of acupuncture and functional medicine, Whole30diet) 831-655-9611

Ayurvedic services

  • Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, Ayurveda, 831-462-3776


  • Five Branches 831-476-8211
  • Holly Guzman 831-479-1592
  • Laura Paris 831-655-9611
  • Communi-Qi, (831) 440-7653

3-D medical Tattooing 

  • BodyLab Spa (areola and nipple 3D tattooing): They also microblade eyebrows and visually soften scar lines
  • Timeless Skin Spa, Los Gatos, 408-395-7792

Therapeutic Art